At The Well, we believe that staying physically active serves a greater purpose than simply looking good and staying healthy. 

Exercise has endless benefits when it comes to our physical and mental health. It helps manage stress, encourages the practice of self-discipline, can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, and so much more. The effect that exercise has on our body not only keeps us healthy and strong, but it also helps us improve our capacity to love others well and glorify God through taking care of the temple he has gifted us

We encourage you to treasure your temple so that you can effectively love others and glorify God. We welcome you to join us in being intentional about choosing to be active for these purposes.

At The Well you will find a variety of workouts crafted by our personal trainer. Four new workouts are released with each new monthly content package. Two of the workouts require no equipment. Two will require a set of smaller and larger dumbbells. 

  • A space to perform the workout

  • A phone or laptop to follow along with the videos

  • (OPTIONAL) A mat

  • (OPTIONAL) A small and large set of dumbbells 

Everyone has access to our monthly sample content at The Well. Each month we release two workouts from our new PREMIUM content bundle. These sample workouts are updated each month with every new content launch to keep things fresh for you! For access to all of this month's new workouts as well as our past library of 30+ original workouts, join us as a PREMIUM MEMBER! To join now, CLICK HERE!


"Hi friends! My name is Kasey, and I am your personal fitness coach here at The Well. I am passionate about helping women cultivate a lifestyle of faith and wellness.


What a blessing it is to be able to lead you through these workouts. I love being able to provide you with a simple way to get your body moving so that you can strengthen and care for the temple God has given you.

I am a certified personal trainer with a specialization in weight loss and women's fitness, as well as a certified nutrition coach. During my professional career, God has blessed me with dozens of opportunities to share this love of health and wellness with others. I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them through exercises that move them closer to meeting their wellness goals. I have coached a variety of fitness classes, led year long weight loss programs, walked kids through programs that helped them build healthy eating habits, and have created a variety of online resources of my own to help women grow in their faith and wellness.

I am so excited that you have joined this community of amazing women who want to pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and a healthier lifestyle. I can't wait for you to come work out with me!"

-Kasey Cleary


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